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Oporto Accounting  provides in Portugal a suite of professional services to clients, such as company formation, accounting, bookkeeping and taxation

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Oporto Accounting provides a One-Stop Shop professional services that frees you from dealing with the Portuguese government authorities and enables your company to focus on the revenue.

Company Incorporation

At Oporto Accounting we offer complete solutions for your business setup in Portugal.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

We prepare and maintain accounting records to stay compliant with Portuguese regulations.

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At Oporto Accounting we have resources expertise required to assure and deliver a consistent and high quality service.

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Oporto Accounting offers all kinds of consultany services related to the financial sector, to both local and international companies.

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Bank Account Guidance

Oporto Accounting provides banking assistance needed while opening a company in Portugal.
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Business in Portugal? Company formation in Portugal?

Registration or setting up a company in Lisbon or Porto? Online appointment?


Av. Boavista 1679, 6.1, 4100-132 Porto


Avenida Dom João II, n.º35,  11ºA, 1990-083 Lisboa

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Based on 26 Reviews

I had a call, the. Responded instantly and the call was short and down to the point, I quick got a follow up email very fast exactly what you need when you’re running a business 🙂


It was nice talking to Adriana during our meeting in Teams, she is very patient and professional, I will have no doubt trust Oporto for my future company formation in Portugal. Ten out of ten will recommend!

Accounting zhuoxin December 14, 2023

I had a great initial call with Adriana Bessa after reaching out online. Scheduling the call was quick and efficient, and Adriana communicated very well in English speaking to me about various complicated tax & accounting related items for establishing a business in Portugal. She followed up quickly in a timeline manner like she said she would via email after the call and I was very satisfied with how the process went to get a quote and proposal for their services.

Dan Flynn October 26, 2023
Joana Mendes October 19, 2023

Offered comprehensive and structured information related to the provided services. Meeting went smooth, no problems with communication in English.

Amalia David October 2, 2023

It was great meeting them. They guided me properly with every details. Highly recommended for information, consultation and total process of Company Formation and related tasks in Portugal. Great Services 👍👍 Keep it up

Hamza Tariq August 17, 2023

I had an initial meeting discussing my accounting needs with them. Their explanations were clear and concise. They seem like they have a good team.


On the introduction call the company was good and very informative. Recommended.


Quick, informative.

Peter Motin June 3, 2022

We had the first consultation, which was free, and it was great. The team answered my questions, clarified my issue, and explained what we should do next. Thanks!


They helped me with setting up as a freelancer. Very professional approach, to the point and easily explained. I was grateful to have contacted them.

Max Klein May 17, 2022

I was so amazed about the professional approach of the team on the introduction call we had today. I feel more comfortable about moving to Portugal now, especially to Porto and I know, that even with a few different source of income, Oporto Accounting will be able to help me out. Just 20 minutes was needed to dispel all my doubts about tax system in Portugal and how the NHR works accordingly to my personal and professional situation.


very nice service. they took there time and understood the issues. have software and tools for a bussiness to run smoothly. thank you

Ricky Singh May 5, 2022

The company is very professional and knowledgeable on the Portuguese tax law. They answered all my questions and I recommend them to anyone that needs assistance with these matters.

Fabio G January 14, 2022

Professional and very helpful. They make your life easier and clarify all your doubts

Enrico Cadeddu October 27, 2021

I just got off the phone with Bruno from Oporto Accounting and his assistant Ana. Everything I have experienced so far has been marked by great professionalism: Very fast replies to my emails, willingness to have a chat to discuss my situation that same week and extremely competent and valuable fiscal advice. I will certainly be using their services and I recommend you do too if like me you expect your accountant to be reachable, reactive and knowledgeable.

Leon Ray Grasmann October 15, 2021

Oporto Accounting has made my life easier than expected, I was initially impressed with the team from the very first meeting. They work tirelessly to ensure that we are following all the correct guidelines and are not missing any of the benefits of running a business in Portugal. It is never too late or the team is never too busy to answer critical questions on my time. “Best in class service” without a doubt. I am so happy that I found Oporto Accounting and you will be too, if you are moving your business to the Porto or Lisbon area, it is a must that you contact them..

David Ruas October 14, 2021

Excellent accounting firm. As foreigners in Portugal my brother and I needed some accounting assistance. From our first connection with the company we had a very helpful and clear introduction with Bruno, the head of the company, in a very prompt and well organised Zoom meeting. Ever since getting on board with Oporto Accounting - accounting in Portugal has been a breeze thanks to the whole team - special thanks to Ana in customer service who is literally on call with all questions and concerns. True professionals! Obrigado!

Nico Lakoumentas October 1, 2021

Very Good indeed ! Full availability to permanently accompany the customer.

Nuno Mor August 1, 2019

I recommend Oporto Accounting in helping to organize, study and implement a company in Portugal. Professional and available team.

David Sousa July 26, 2019
Luís Rangel July 1, 2019
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