Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation Requirements

Timings: 1 week

The timings are expected timings, based on the current services. Neverthless, the timing for the incorporation can be shorter. In case you need an urgent incorporation process, contact us and the Oporto Accounting team.

If Single Person

NIF (tax number) Portugal follows the principle of non-discrimination based on investor´s nationality. Neverthless, if you either a EU-EAA resident or a non EU-EAA resident, it will be required, prior to the company incorporation to obain the NIF /TIN. Oporto Accounting team will advice and obtain on your behalf the NIF/TIN and

Collective Person:

If the shareholder of the incorporated company is a foreing company, it will be necessary to register the company at Registo Central de Pessoas Coletivas for the issuance of the NIPC “Número Identificação Pessoa Coletiva”. Oporto Accounting team will also advice and obtain on the behalf of the company the required NIPC.

It will be required the issuance of the board decision of the company that will be shareholder.

Required Information:

Type of company: Sole Sharholder Limited Liability Company; Limited Liability Company; Joint-stock Limited Company.

Shareholders and Managers of the Company: ID, Passports, NIF, address of the shareholders and the managers.

Social Capital: Contribuitions in cash may be postponed, but their payment must be made on certain dates or dependent on certain and determined facts. The shareholders can also declare in the incorporation document that the share capital will be deposited in a bank account opened in the name of the company until the end of the first financial year.

Activities: Decide the activity of the company in Portugal.

Company Name: Company name can be requested in advance, through the issuance of an “Admissibility Certificate”, which will certify if the name requested can be used and do not conflit with any other previous name.

Ultimate beneficial Owner declaration

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