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Another international software company, choosing Lisbon Portugal to take advantage of the outstanding conditions that Portugal currently provides to foreign investors who choose to invest in Portugal.
This time was the multinational Wunderman Thompson Commerce to invest in Portugal and expecting to hire 200 new workers for its two centres of excellence in the country.
Wunderman Thompson Commerce has chosen Portugal to implant the largest e-commerce centre of excellence in Europe. The company’s plans in the country include hiring 200 workers for the two centres of excellence already based in Portugal.

The company has sad that it plans to hire 200 new workers by the summer of 2022, namely in areas of information systems, engineering, data science and business process.
Also informed that wants to bring a global centre of excellence in e-commerce to Lisbon Portugal, offering a unique opportunity and world-class services to there clients and partners. The objective is to give Portuguese business the best tools, making them competitive in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

At Oporto Accounting, we are committed to welcome foreign investors to incorporate in Portugal, providing services such as, company incorporation, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll.

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  • Mohibullah Taibzada Reply

    We have business consulting company at Canada and soon we will start at UAE, the president of company is from Canada and I am share holder of company, I am living at Afghanistan.

    Due to satiuation here changed, we are interested to have our business at Portugal, so I need to know in how long will it take to get business license? How much will cost? Can I get visa for myself and my family?

    3 de August, 2022 at 10:53

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