SICE – Productive Innovation – Other Territories

SICE – Productive Innovation – Other Territories

NOTICE: MPr-2024-2

SICE – Productive Innovation – Other Territories

The Portugal 2030 Incentive Systems are embodied in direct support to companies, contributing to the transformation of the national productive fabric, supporting the creation of innovative goods and services with greater added value, for the qualification of companies, fostering investment in intangible factors of competitiveness, and for the internationalization of the economy, promoting exports.

  • Application Period

Phase 1: 16/09/2024

Phase 2: 30/12/2024

  • Beneficiaries

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of any nature and under any legal form

  • Geographical area covered

North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve

  • Limit on Investment Amounts

Minimum total eligible expenditure amount of €300,000

Maximum investment amount: 25 million euros.

  • Eligible costs
  • Tangible assets:
    • Machinery and equipment, directly attributable costs to place them in location and conditions necessary for them to be able to function
    • Computer equipment
    • Software
    • Intangible assets:
      • Technology transfer through the acquisition of national and international patent rights, licenses, technical know-how not protected by patent
      • Standard  software or software developed specifically for a specific purpose;
    • Other investment expenses:
      • Intervention of certified accountants or ROC
      • Engineering services , studies, diagnostics, audits,
      • Marketing Blueprints
      • Architectural and engineering projects;

In duly justified cases, operations may also include the construction of buildings, refurbishment works and other constructions.

  • Funding Rates

The financing rate for eligible operations can go up to a maximum limit of 40% of the eligible Investment.

Detailed Prospectus


The following elements correspond to a summary of the above-mentioned legislation and are merely informative, not dispensing with the analysis of the applicable legislation and Oporto Accounting is not responsible for any omission or element not included in the following summary.

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