Certificate of Admissibility – National Registry of Corporate Entities

Certificate of Admissibility – National Registry of Corporate Entities

What is the Certificate of Admissibility?

It consists of a request made to the National Registry of Corporate Entities (RNPC) for the purpose of changing the firm name or denomination, relocating the headquarters to another municipality, or changing the corporate purpose of a commercial company.

The request for a certificate of admissibility can be made before the establishment of the commercial company, in order to secure the use of the desired firm name or denomination by the future partners.

The certificate is mandatorily provided electronically, and in case of approval, it includes the new elements requested by the applicant. After its issuance, the applicant has a deadline of 3 months to utilize it.

With the issuance of the certificate of admissibility, a code and number are provided which must be used in the execution of acts that require its use, particularly corporate acts related to changes in contract clauses or the establishment of commercial companies.

The timely request of the certificate of admissibility will allow for the verification of the availability of the firm name desired by your company, anticipating the need to update the intended denomination, in case the company was established through a fantasy name approved by the National Registry of Corporate Entities.

Regarding the choice of corporate purpose, the applicant should indicate the activities they intend to develop currently and in the future, as well as provide the respective economic activity codes.

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