Euronext presents several investment proposals in Portugal

Euronext presents several investment proposals in Portugal

Portugal is becoming an attractive destination for investors, with significant opportunities in key economic sectors, according to the “Structural Trends Shaping Portugal’s Economy and Growth” report commissioned by Euronext. The report also highlights Portugal as “the country is positioning itself as a center for technological innovation and startups”.
“This initiative not only reconnects stakeholders but also catalyzes new collaborations and investments,” emphasizes Miguel Athayde Marques, Chairman of the Board of AEM.
Euronext’s report identifies five promising areas for investment, based on the structural trends that are shaping the national economy:

• Health: representing 11% of GDP, a percentage higher than the OECD average. Among offers opportunities in biotechnology startups, geriatric care, and medical tourism.

• Energy: Portugal is leading in renewable energy investments, particularly in wind and solar projects, green hydrogen, and lithium.

• Real estate and tourism: These sectors are “going through a period of prosperity”, experiencing substantial growth due to strategic location, quality of life, and competitive real estate prices.

• Agriculture and Forestry: With a 45% growth in exports over the past four years, opportunities lie in advanced agricultural technologies and high-value products like wine, olive oil, and fruits.

• Infrastructure: Portugal’s geographical location is ideal for investment in transport and logistics, with future investments identified in rail, ports, airports, and water infrastructure.

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